"Wait for the light to change."

"Why?  There's nuthin' comin'."

"Because it's the law.  It's just a little thing, I know.  But it's the law."

"Who cares?"

"Among others, I do."

"Yeah, well, you would.  Laws are for white people."

"Really.  Look around you.  That drug store across the street behind us, the Mickey D's right in front of us, that gas station on the corner over there or the shops in the little strip mall across the street from it.  How long do you think any one of those businesses would stay in business without law and order?"

Tomas just looked at him.

Fergus continued.  "Don't act like you don't care.  You like hamburgers as much as the rest of us.  If you own a car, you need gas as much as anyone else.  When you grow up and get married, you're going to need a drug store to go to, to get diapers and formula and aspirin for the headaches your kids will give you.  And you need to be able to go to those places to get those things without the fear of being shot down in the street or being held up by some knife wielding kid with an axe to grind and a hole in his stomach.  Besides, waiting for the light breeds Patience - and Patience is a Virtue of the first order."

"I ain't got no time for Patience."

"Look at me.  Look closely.  Look at my jacket.  Tell me what you see."

"I dunno.  A jacket.  What am I supposed to see?"

"Take your time and look."

Tomas stared at Fergus' jacket, when suddenly his eyes got big.  He reached out, tentatively, and touche the slight bulge under his left armpit.

"Oh my god.  You're packin'!

"A little patience on your part and you might have seen that and just let me go by.  Instead, you took a chance and you could have wound up dead.  And yes.  I have a license.  Because it's the law."


"Well said.  Now let's go inside and order.  I'm hungry, too."

Ndinombethe.  Ubuntu. 


Big Mark 243 said...

...Fergus seems to be inspired by Liam Neeson's character in Taken...