I Feel Guilt

I wasted time, today.  For the first time in years (literally) I fired up the PlayStation3 and played Gran Turismo.

I used to love playing GT.  But life and everything got in the way and there was always something else to do.  So the PS3 just sat there.

I was at Best Buy this morning to buy ink for my printer and lo and behold!  There was a NEW version of GT for the PS3 - GT6.  I splurged.  I bought it.

I put the DVD into the PS3 about Noon.  I figured it would need to do updates.  So while it updated, I went upstairs and pulled the sheets off my bed and the thin blanket that goes between the flat sheet and the duvet (I like sleeping warm) and put them in the washer.

And then I did some cleaning around the house.

And then I got on the treadmill for a while.

And then I did a round of exercises on the home gym.

And I went to the bank.  And I filled the car with gas.  I went back to the bank to get a money order I needed.

And then we had supper.

The game finished updating at 7pm.  I guess it's been out a while and there have been 14 updates to the game.  Many of those updates are over a Gigabyte in size.  Took a while.

I played GT6 for about 3 hours.  GREAT game.  But really, just a waste of time.  Right?  So now I feel guilty.  But I DID have fun.

Ndinombethe.  Ubuntu.


Marilynn said...

It is what retirement is all about. No guilt. Do what you want without concern about time

Big Mark 243 said...

...if you had fun, then it could NOT have been a waste of time... (writing as I binge watch the IT Crowd..!)

JeffScape said...

Play on!