100 Word Challenge - Hackneyed

What follows is offered in response to Velvet Verbosity's 100 Word Challenge. The challenge, this week, is "Hackneyed".

100 Word Challenge 
"Where is your homework?"  Teacher was really angry, this time.  "Where is it, Mr. Burns?"

Teacher was REALLY angry.  He called him "Mister".

Timmy Burns sat there, his mind working furiously trying to invent a 'reasonable explanation' for the missing work.

"Well, Mr. Burns.  Did your dog eat it?  Did some bully take all the papers out of your backpack and tear them into little pieces?  What hackneyed excuse is it going to be, this time, Mr. Burns?"

Just then, an Eighth Grader entered the room and handed Teacher a sheaf of papers.

Timmy saw ... it was his HOMEWORK!


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Wordless Wednesday



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Studio 14, Tipp City

Last Friday evening I attended a reception for a couple of Artists who had work on display in conjunction with their Art being published in "Rocks & Minerals" magazine.

Below, I am pictured with Rusty Harden, Artist and teacher. My teacher, in fact, for she introduced me to Watercolor.

In the second picture, Rusty talks with some of the crowd there, in a "one on one" discussion of her Art - some of which is on the wall in the background.

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Monday Meanders

Well, at least they won ONE game, over the weekend.  The CUBS threaten to have an even worse record this year than last.  Oy.

I attended an Exhibition of Art in Tipp City on Friday evening, last.  My friend and teacher, Rusty Harden had her Art highlighted in "Rocks & Minerals" magazine and a reception and exhibition marked the occasion.

I will publish some pictures tomorrow.

I have been watching "Game of Thrones" on HBO.  Very addictive.  They SHOULD just make these 'seasons' just one big 10 hour movie.

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Haiku Friday

Haiku Friday 

Day of Remebrance
This, the day that the Christ died
The Third Day Cometh.

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Wordless Wednesday - almost

Hey!!!  Mother Nature!!!


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Monday Meanders

The Cubs are 4-8 on the season.  Once again, the starting pitchers are good - very good.  And once again, the bullpen has allowed us to lose more than they have saved.  And, finally, once again, the offense is anemic and under performing.

It kind of boggles the mind to realize that "Cosmic Rays" (energetic particles that originate outside the solar system) can hit a cell in one's body and the result COULD be cancer.  The same thing could happen (although rarer) if one were to be struck by a neutrino.  Dying stars from the other side of the Universe can kill you.  Which, I suppose, at some level is truly ironic, given that we are made of the stuff of dead stars.

The above is to be classified as "Things I Think About".  FYI

Yesterday, Bubba Watson won the Masters for a second time and Jordan Speith, the young man I had hoped would win, came in tied for second.  When you stop and consider that a year ago, Jordan was still an amateur, not even a member of the PGA Tour, his accomplishment over this last weekend is little short of amazing.  Jordan will be invited to the Masters next year, and I expect the man who was second this year will be wearing the Green Jacket next.  It's hard to imagine improvements in his game, but in a year he will have the one thing he doesn't have now - experience.  Add that ingredient to his already solid game and he will be even better.  BETTER.

And there are three more majors between now and the end of the season.  He's going to learn a lot.

This coming Friday, I'm planning to be in Tipp City, Ohio, to attend an artist's gallery opening.  The artist is Rusty Harden, the person from whom I learned all that I know about painting in watercolor. It will beheld at Studio 14 Benkin Gallery of Fine Art, 6:30pm to 8:30pm.  I will probably overnight in Tipp City.  I love that little town.  It is quaint and very photogenic.

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