Wordlessly Wishing Wednesday

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Cooking and Stuff

I am now the proud owner of 5 (count 'em - 5) slow cooker cook books.  Well, 4 actually - the other one is a book of dump cake recipes I picked up by accident, but there IS slow cooker stuff in that one, too.  So it counts.  Sorta.

I have 2 slow cookers.  A Hamilton-Beach and an old Westinghouse.  And I have several boxes of those slow cooker liner bags, so there's literally no cleanup required.  Just room in the garbage can.

I wonder what would have happened if the comet that hit the Earth 65 million  years ago, had missed. All that preceeding life and death, millions of years of billions upon billions of animals living and dying, not made moot.  A planetary re-boot - that never would have happened.  I wonder if WE would have happened..

The Discovery Channel would have programs like "Walking With Mammals".

Think about it.

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Monday Meanders

Apparently, Kris Bryant is impressing Joe Maddon in CUBS camp.  It's going to be very difficult for the CUBS to relegate him to Triple A without severe pushback from fandom.  People who buy tickets and are, ultimately, those who actually pay salaries for players and front office people, don't care about the extra year of club control that delaying his entry into the majors by three weeks will buy for the club.  Everyone knows that the solution is to start him on opening day and then, during the year, negotiate a long term contract the locks him up for a long time.

Manny Ramirez is a Batting Consultant with the CUBS, and his first and major project is Javier Baez.  If he can get this kid's head on right (with a bat in his hands), Javy's marvelous play at 2nd Base will make him an All Star.  You heard it here, first.

The 10 day forecast looks like Winter is finally going to give it up.  Monday a week is the start of a string of 40 degree days.  Yipee.  Really.  Yippee.

A week from today I interview for the job I'm hoping to get.  Fingers crossed.

Anyone who has good slow-cooker recipes that they like, feel free to email them to me.  Dump dinners would be best. (A dump dinner is one where all the ingredients are put in the slow cooker at once and cooked up from raw.)

I will, however, be glad to do more complicated stuff on the weekends, so don't hesitate to send your favorite slow-cooker recipes.

Email said recipes to lou.lohman@gmail.com .

Because you love me.

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Connor Fergus' Day Off

Something like Ferris Beuller, I suppose, but Fergus and I have been have a minor dispute about the direction the story needs to go from here so he's taking a Sunday off.

We're trying to work things out.

Meanwhile, my youngest son turns 24 in three days, I'm scheduled to interview for a job a week from tomorrow and, to top it all off, I found ants in the downstairs bathroom last night.


It's too soon for them.  So the question is, why?  Do you suppose this harsh winter is harsh on those living underground, as well.  Are they seeking shelter?  Running from disaster?  Is the cold fucking with their heads, too?

Curious minds want to know.

And this will be Fergus' only Sunday off for a while.  Once I figure out the next step, the rest is clear.

To me, at least.

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I look around myself and realize,  sometimes, just how lucky I am.

I am vigorous.  Relatively healthy.  And I have everything i was born with and nothing extra - no new parts added.

Yesterday, I visited a friend in the hospital.  He'd had a knee replacement on Tuesday and yesterday was his day to go home.  I was glad to see him doing so well, but I couldn't help but think, "There but for the grace of God ..."

I may be alone.  I may be somewhat lonely.  But ...

A week from Monday I have an interview scheduled regarding a job.  It won't replace all the income I lost - not even close - but it will be enough.  The thing is - I still CAN work.  And I will.

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Haiku Friday

Haiku Friday 

Time drifts, slow dances
The world, the culture, speeds past
One's little eddy.

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Throwback Thursday

#1 Son and me during Christmas time, 1984
He was 2 and a half.
I was 39.
I lost those glasses a LONG time ago.

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