The Man has Balls

President Obama has taken a very risky approach to Syria.  He's asking for Congress to approve his move to strike Syria for gassing its people with Sarin Gas.

Sarin is a nerve agent against which there is little or no defense.

Unless you have a gas mask and appropriate clothing to cover your body.

Things that civilians almost never have.

The government controlled element of the Syrian Press is taunting us - saying we are weak and have no support in the international community - that we are cowards when push comes to shove - that we have backed down from our promise of action out of fear.

President Obama has had to wait for Congress because the political reality is that if he strikes Syria on his own, the next Democrat to run for the Presidency is going to have an even rougher go of it because of the strike.  The Republicans will crucify the President because of it.  the President is forcing their hand - making them commit to one action or another and establishing themselves for or against the President and his policy.  Politics.

Meanwhile, Syrian civilians die - and will continue to die.

Thank you, Republicans - the people of Syria thank you.



Indigo said...

It's sad how the Republicans continue to badger whatever decision Obama puts in front of them. For whatever good he is meant to do, they will continue to be a thorn until he's no longer president. Meanwhile a people suffer and our country leans more and more toward a police state. (Hugs)Indigo

PattiKen said...

Regardless of what action the US ends up taking, I would say the same thing I said to my kids when someone tried to bully them. We should never act aggressively because someone calls us names and eggs us on. Bad, bad idea.