Monday Meanders

When making spaghetti, and you have that great big pan of well cooked, seasoned beef on the stove, waiting for you to add that sauce you've been working on all day, make sure (SURE) you drain the beef before you add the sauce.  I'm jus' sayin'.

Cubs took 2 out of 3 from Philly over the weekend.  All the Cubs need do is win 5 games out of the next 26 and they will have done better than last year's record.  Go Cubs.

My favorite college football team that isn't Notre Dame is Northwestern, and the Wildcats looked GOOD on Saturday against the California Bears (U.C. Berkley).  44-30 final.  Two interceptions run back for touchdowns were the difference.  Both interceptions were by the same young man, Collin Ellis, Strong-side Linebacker.  Oh.  And Notre Dame won, too.

Today is Labor Day - I hope one and all enjoy this day.  For me?  It's yet another day to resist the urge to haunt the environs at Harbor Freight.

When I was a kid at Aunt Louise's resort in Wauconda, today was the day the summer people went home.  We kids, having spent most of our summer there, went home the next day if school allowed.  Otherwise, we went home today, too.  We were, after all, summer people.



Tara R. said...

My college team won Saturday and it looks like my daughter's FSU will win Monday too. It was a good weekend.

The tourists here are leaving for home today too. I am very happy.

Big Mark 243 said...

I like the Cats too..! Gary Barnett turned them around forever, didn't he..? And Pat Fitzgerald is quite a coach himself..!