Minimally Wordy Wednesday

Oops.  I have absolutely no idea where my head is/was.  I went to bed with no post set up for today.  Actually, I was feeling rather chuffed because I had done some cleaning and actually found the floor in my bedroom and I just felt so ORGANIZED because I knew where everything was (finally) in my bedroom and it made me feel good.

So I took a shower and went to bed and when I awoke this morning and checked emails I suddenly realized there was no new post up, for today.

As someone from "Peanuts" would say: "ARRGGGHHH!!!".

Me?  I'd just rather say "Crap" and be done with it but quoting "Peanuts" is so much more fun.



Indigo said...

ARRRRGGHHH! Works for me. (Hugs)Indigo

Mrs F with 4 said...

Perhaps your head is in the baking aisle, stockpiling baking powder with mine!