Monday Meanders

Realizing, of course, that beauty is only skin deep, and that real beauty is in the mind, heart and character of a person, I think Olivia Wilde is gorgeous and I would run away from home should she look at me and say "Come hither".

Not that that is EVER likely to happen.  Except, of course, in my mind.

Cubs?  Phooey.

Bears?  Looking GOOD, Batman.  All signs are that the Defense is going to be as good or better as it has been in years.  The Offensive Line has, for the most part, been fixed.  Cutler will have no more excuses.  It is,now, time to step up and prove he is the Quarterback we have all hoped for.

Watch the Cubs trade Starlin Castro during the Winter off season.  He's "gone to sleep" while on the field, losing concentration, focus, and situational awareness, too many times for too many Managers.  It's time to make the change - there is a world class shortstop coming up through the minors who will make everybody forget about Starlin when he makes it up here to the Bigs.

His name is Javier Baez.  He will be one to remember.

Have a good week.



Big Mark 243 said...

Olivia Wilde... that is a good one, Lou...

...ooh, the Bears defense... even though the games don't count, they are looking ready...

... don't know enough baseball to talk about the Cubs, but you say the management is on point... so it will take some time...

Tara R. said...

A lot of people would join you in your Olivia Wilde crush. She is gorgeous.