On Golf

They say a definition of Insanity is doing the same thing over and over, but expecting different results.

So it is with The Golf Swing.

I have been playing at Golf for 42 years and it's time to change my swing.  The old one doesn't work - and it never has.

My biggest problem (on the golf course, that is) is my Drive.  Getting off the tee.  Even when I DO manage to hit it straight (which is rare), I hit it short. 


I have found, I believe, a solution.

If you've watched any Golf, lately, you may have seen Steve Stricker play.  There are as many different swings as there are golfers, but HIS swing is intriguing - it is simple, elegant, and (most important) highly repeatable.  I have begun working toward adopting his swing - more like adapting his swing to me and my body.  I cannot duplicate his swing - anymore than he could duplicate mine.  His body is bigger and stronger than mine and more adapted to his swing.  I may get close, someday, to HIS swing but the more important thing is that I understand the idea behind his swing and make the idea, and the result, mine.

It's a process I have already begun.  The problem is I have 42 years of muscle memory to forget.  And that isn't easy.  I now understand what Tiger goes through every time he changes his swing.