Monday Meanders

The Cubs took 2 out of 3 from the Pirates over the weekend - and the Pirates have the best record in baseball.  The Cubs have been playing better ball, lately.  They'll not contend, this year - or next, probably.  But the year following?  Oh, the year following.

Apparently the man flying the Captain's seat on flight 214, Asiana Airlines, that fell too hard to earth in San Francisco over the weekend, has 43 hours of flight time on a 777-200.  Whomever he is, he's in for it now.

PBS is airing a new series of mysteries called Endeavor, which is prequel to Inspector Morse - a very popular series on both sides of the Atlantic.  Personally, I really enjoyed Inspector Morse,  and once - just once - it was revealed that Morse's first name was Endeavor.  Everyone only ever called him Morse.  But Endeavor was his name and that is why the new series, which takes place when Morse is a young Detective Constable in Oxford, in the 1960s, is called Endeavor.

PBS.  Sunday Nights.

Watch it.