Air Crash

Yesterday, an Asiana Boeing 777 crash landed at SFO (San Francisco).  As of late last night, 2 were said to be dead, and 1 was missing.

Pictures I saw on msnbc showed a fuselage that was burned through the top and a tail section completely separated from the rest of the ship.  A hard landing, tail low.  In fact, descriptions of the incident seem to indicate that the tail section hit the seawall.  Anyone that's ever flown into Frisco knows the approach is over water - and knows that seawall.

The real problem here is the fire.  Airlines and aircraft manufacturers continue to manufacture interior systems that are flammable and that give off toxic gases when burned.  That doesn't have to happen.  Researchers could, if pointed at the issue by those to whom it should matter, develop materials that either don't burn or burn without toxic effect.

It would, of course, cost money.

Not lives.



Brandie said...

The pictures were horrible to see.
2 (or 3) lives is 2 or 3 lives too many, but I saw those pictures and couldn't believe that it wasn't more. Just awful.

Tara R. said...

I learned more about the crash on Twitter than I did watching the news. My husband works with planes everyday, he had a lot of insight into the what may have happened.

I was surprised too there weren't more fatalities.