Things I Think About - Higgs Part Duex

After all the low key announcements regarding the discovery of the Higgs Boson, now it appears that scientists aren't convinced, yet, that this is actually the Higgs.  Thus the low key stuff.

Now.  They DID find a new particle and that new particle is exactly at the level predicted, many years ago, for the Higgs.  It has the proper spin and parity (factors predicted by Professor Higgs and his team).  But now, it seems, we may not know the whole Higgs story.  There may be more Higgs Bosons that just the one.

Superstring Theory predicts as many as five - and one of them is so heavy it will probably never be possible to make it.

Now I understand why no one seemed to run around naked with a big sign that said "WE DISCOVERED THE GOD PARTICLE".  None of the scientists want to be that guy (or girl).  They're all afraid to hang themselves out there where the limb can be cut off behind them.  The discovery of MORE Higgs Bosons will call into question the veracity of the discovery of the first Higgs Boson.

Me?  I think it should be shouted from the rooftops.  SO WHAT if more Higgs Bosons would upset the Standard Model and effectively nullify Quantum Physics.  Who cares?



Tara R. said...

Not gonna lie, I don't understand much at all of Higgs Bosons, but isn't that the whole purpose of science - to either prove or disprove a theory. Just because you're worried of disproving something that the science community has taken as a given, shouldn't be a good reason to stop looking. Just saying...

Though, I would be disappointed if finding more Higgs Bosons nullified Quantum Physics, that is such a cool idea.