Wet Weather

This is turning out to be such an unusual year.

It's been very wet.  Cooler than normal and very, very, wet.

I haven't been able to ride the Coot Scoot anywhere near as much as I would like, given that I don't ride it when it's wet, or when I know it's going to BE wet.

Farmers are happy, so far.  There was a short spell of dry weather and they seem to have successfully gotten their crops in, and since then the weather has been wet.  Not wet enough to flood fields (not around here, anyway), but certainly wet enough to get the corn WAY past knee high by the 4th of July.  If things don't slow down a bit - if things don't dry out, a bit - these well watered crops may become a problem for those aforementioned farmers.

It's been in the 90's in Alaska - and that weather is headed this way.  With the ground as moisture laden as it is, warm, humid and unstable air is going to mean popup thunderstorms will be common, tornadoes may occur, and frequent squalls with high straight line winds will flatten fields of corn.

This year, if it remains unsettled, could turn out to be a bad year after all; not just unusual.



Tara R. said...

It went from cool spring to HOT summer overnight - humid and muggy (and buggy.) I would welcome some more rain.