Word for Wednesday

The Word for this Wednesday is "Trust" - it is hard to gain, easy to lose, and difficult to regain once it is lost.

There's the Trust of Faith.  But we're not talking about that kind.

There's the Trust in Institutions - the Government, Bank or Employer.  But we're not talking about that kind, either.

The Trust which we address is Personal.  The kind of of Trust a man has when his child is presented to him in the delivery room and he knows it to be his. The kind of Trust that grows between two people as they build a life together and share resources.  That kind of Trust.

Over time, the trust between two people living as one becomes entangled in all aspects of their relationship, especially in their Love.  If either one does something to betray that Trust, the Love may well fall victim to that betrayal.  Only the strongest Love can repair and rebuild the broken trust.

Love does, after all, conquer all.



PattiKen said...

I hope so, anyway.

Big Mark 243 said...

I am with Patti... and I especially hope so for those who believe and want this to be so...