The 100 word challenge I'm NOT doing

Velvet's offering this week is "Odyssey".  It's rather coincidental that there is an Odyssey that will come to an end, this week.  If living life is an Odyssey, then this one is an Odyssey WITHIN an Odyssey.

Someday, when I'm old and grey and they finally have computers that will read my mind and type out my posts for me, I may reminisce about this particular episode and fill you all in.  But for now just know that this is an ending looked for and welcome.  One small ending as part of a much longer story still unfolding - which is as it should be.

Sports is an Odyssey, of sorts, as well.  The trek from first game to last and then through playoffs of various levels is arduous, at best.  There is, of course, that prize at the end.
That said, the Blackhawks were taken to overtime last evening by the very good, very tough Detroit Red Wings.  I salute you, Detroit.  Well done.  You were valiant and gracious in your loss.  And well done Blackhawks.

Now let's kick some Los Angeles butt.