The Applecart

After the passage of time, things assume a shape, a constancy, and after the passage of more time, it's like an applecart - sturdy, dependable, not very fast moving.

Sometimes, things take a turn, a sharp turn, and suddenly the applecart is upset and everything gets spilled all over.

If lucky, and the apples are good, with a little work and effort, the load can be picked up and put back in the cart - perhaps not in the same order and places, but back in the cart, cart upright and ready, eventually, to resume it travel to its destiny.

The cart is tipped.  It's time to set it upright - and put the apples back where they belong.



maggie said...

I hope this means good things.

Lou Lohman said...

I am SO not good at allegorical stuff. But yes, I'm hoping it's gonna be good.

PattiKen said...

Fingers crossed. :*

Indigo said...

Wonderful analogy. Hope things are good sweet friend, if not may the apples have very little bruising. (Hugs) Indigo