Yesterday, in Moore, Oklahoma, at least 51 people died at the hands of Mother Nature.  A devastating tornado ripped through the town.  The last I was aware of, last night, there were 24 children missing and assumed to be buried in the rubble of Plaza Towers Elementary School.

The people who survive this terrible storm are left with a landscape of devastation unlike anything most of us have ever seen.  Honestly, unless you have lived through one of these things - or live in a town that's been hit by one of these things - you have no real understanding of just what happens to a town, a community, and the lives of those who live there.

Every familiar landmark is gone.  You get lost going from one place to another because there are no more reference points.  Trees.  Buildings.  All gone.  People die in tornadoes.  Sometimes they are people you know - and it will take weeks to truly understand that you will never see those people again.

Everything that happens does nothing more than disorient you.  And make you feel very, very, small.

Pray for the people of Moore.  Pray they get through the confusion and heartache, whole.  Pray their loved ones didn't suffer.  And pray for their little angels.



maggie said...

Heartbreaking. Every time, I remember Plainfield like yesterday, how the tornado passed and left a beautiful sunny day shining on so very much sadness and destruction of lives and buildings and how little sense that made to me - how it could all just change like that. However much I was glad to move out of Oklahoma, such a big part of my heart is there now. The instant devastation of a tornado is still just so mind-boggling to me. Off I go to make my Red Cross donation so that they can go do what I can't to help all these people going through such horror. Sadness. :( Hugs to you, Lou.