Word for Wednesday - Shopping

For the first time in longer than I can remember, I went food shopping last night.  Alone.

By myself.

And I was hungry.  But I was smart.

I made a list.  And because I usually dislike grocery shopping, I stuck to the list and got only what was listed to be purchased.  Well, almost.  I did stop by the deli and get some small containers of salad to go with the Vienna all beef franks with natural casing we were going to have for dinner.  A nice deviled egg potato salad and a sun dried tomato and pasta salad.  Yummy.  And I didn't overeat.  And I rode my bike for a quick three miles after I ate.  To work some of it off.

Anyway, I got plenty of cereal so that the sons have plenty to breakfast on - especially after #3 Son comes home from college, a graduate, and hungry.  And plenty of Mac & Cheese and Spaghetti Os - because that's mostly his diet.  What can I say?

Fruit.  I got fruit.  Big juicy Navel Oranges and apples and seedless red grapes which even now sit chilled in the refrigerator, waiting to be snacked upon by whomever should need a snack.  Little better on a warm Spring day than a handful of cold grapes.

And orange juice.  With pulp.  Because orange juice from concentrate sucks, if you ask me.

And ground beef.  I plan to make my spaghetti sauce this weekend for Sunday dinner, which I haven't done in twenty years.  Spaghetti sauce, that is.  I haven't made my sauce in that long.  But I DO remember how.  And anyone who ever eats my sauce (especially on Barilla Pasta) will NEVER forget it.

It was a successful shopping trip.  I think I may have enjoyed it, a bit.  I may have to do this again.




Big Mark 243 said...

...as long as you avoided going hungry and having all the stuff in the middle aisles talk to you..!

Making and sticking to a list is the best way to go... so simple but man, it is not easy to do..!

PattiKen said...

Orange juice from oranges --whole -- is even better. And better for you. :-)

Icy BC said...

You did good food shopping! I always went over somehow!

Tara R. said...

I like shopping by myself, but I rarely use a list. I probably should.