Monday Meanders

A quick stumble through some random stuff ...

The Cubs lost again.  They seem, sometimes, like they're one pitcher short and one offensive weapon light.  They ARE, however, close.  Garza returns from the disabled list on Tuesday evening against the Pirates.  He could be the pitcher we need to solidify the staff.  And the kid outfielder, Sweeney, may be the bat we need.  We'll see.

I love bicycle riding - as much as I dislike running, something I've never been comfortable doing, I am so glad I have riding to fall back on for good cardio exercise.

It was a warm day, yesterday, and perfect for riding.  Days like yesterday make one glad to live in Chicago.

Have a good (although wet) week.  And do not despair - the weekend will be great.



Big Mark 243 said...

It is weird for me as a Tiger fan to see them now consistently make moves that allow them to contend year in and year out... growing up, I never thought it would happen...

Don't know much about the Cubbies ownership and their commitment to winning... it remains to be seen but I think a winning Cubs team would be huge..!

...what... you don't like hockey..? I do..! It is knotted up as the boys head for the Joe..!

This will be the start of my bike trail riding here in Omaha... we have hundreds of miles to be explored, not including the off-road areas... I am looking forward to it...