Monday Meanders

The Cubs got swept by the Brewers.  Pitching?  Good.  Offense?  Poor.  Defense?  Lacking.

I have new respect for women who work full time and have a home and family.  I know it ain't easy.

I'm having some problems with my car - I'm afraid my transmission may be on the way out.  Have you ever heard, "When it rains, it pours"?  Well, it works for more than salt.  It fits life, as well.

Over the next week or so the weather will finally get to the point that "Coot Scootin'" will be the order of the day.  And I think my "Golf Urge" may get scratched.  Not satisfied - not by a long shot - but scratched, like a recurring itch.  It will go away - but it will come roaring right back.

I have tied my blog posts to Google+ comments.  Now I no longer get emails notifying me of comments on my posts.  I don't think I like that - and I'm hoping that I can figure out a way to get my emails back.  If not, bye-bye Google+.

It's also going to be time (FINALLY) to get on the bicycle and getting some good cardio going. Helps with the blood sugar, too.  And weight.