Just another day

My car is still being fixed.  It seems that the last person to do an alignment on the car broke off a bolt that's necessary to fix the system - so they're chasing down a replacement bolt.

Hopefully, I'll get it back later today.

Of course, this is only Round 1.  The next thing is to save up my shekels in order to get about $2000 worth of transmission work done - hopefully, it doesn't die before I save up the bucks.  BUT - you and I both know what is most likely to happen.  Phooey.

More rain today.  J U S T what we needed.  Phooey #2. ("#2" is numerical delineation - it has nothing to do with poop).

The bomber boy says it was his older brother who lead the effort at the Boston Marathon bombing - that there was no outside or International support behind what he did.  That's scary.  (A) people are being radicalized HERE.  (B) Eastern European families are close knit - and much respect is paid to elders and birth order.  This could happen again - and we would never see it coming.

Cheery, eh?