This time of Urges ...

This time of year is as predictable as Death and Taxes - it is the time of Urges.

The urge to get outside, in the fresh air - even though it IS cold and/or damp and the sun is not quite warming, enough.

The urge to plant stuff.  I usually find a way to resist this urge.

The urge to beautify - myself, my car, my house and lawn.  This usually means a haircut, a carwash, sweeping the driveway and mowing the grass.

The urge (the most devastating of all) to get out and play golf.  I've spent all winter refining my swing, in my head.  It's time to try to put those refinements to the test.  Of course, I've been doing this for forty years, and given that I do not, nor have I ever, played golf on The Tour, my swing is just as bad now as it ever has been and probably isn't going to get any better this year - or any year.

But I do have the urge.