It's the Southside Irish Parade day, today, in Chicago.  It's a damp and clammy day, with no sun to speak of and no cheer to offer for those who attend.

Except, perhaps, for the warming cheer of a toddy or two.  Or a Guinness.  Of course, all public drinking is now verboten - in order to keep the parade safe for families (kiddees, especially) - in order to prevent public urination and other rowdy behavior.  And the bars are closed.

There was an interview on television - a young woman was asked what she missed about the "old" parade.  She said, "Getting rowdy.  Having fun."

This from a woman (early thirties, I would guess) who may one day be a mother to children, if she isn't already.

I wonder how she'll raise her kids.

In the face of all the hell that parade brought to that neighborhood, every year, I wonder how she can say that.



Tara R. said...

I guess it's one thing if the rowdy parade is downtown, away from residential areas, but if it runs through neighborhoods... yeah, I can appreciate nixing the drinking during the parade.

Big Mark 243 said...

... so what you are saying is the 30-year old woman is still immature and prolly more than a little irresponsible..?

I am about to check but did Tiger win today..? I am sure that Grannie was happy with his play early in the tournament..!