Mildly Technical

Anyone who has read me for any length of time knows that I am a devotee of Linux.  Over the years, I have read an incredible amount of books and magazines about Linux, and I have tested just about every distribution available, at one time or another.  These days there are so many it's impossible to test them all; that said, over time I have gravitated to a small number of distros that I like the look and feel of, and focused my usage on them.

These distros (Linux slang for "distributions") have always been the easiest to install, the most complete, and the best user interfaces available.

Fedora - for developers and also good for servers.

openSuSE - good for office desktop use.

Mint - best for home users and multimedia needs.

Ubuntu - one of the world's most widely used distros.

As for what I read, I have long ago given up buying books called "Linux Unleashed" - they're too expensive and they weigh a ton.

I have cut myself down to two magazines that I buy, periodically (no pun intended), because I find I get more benefit out of the features and tutorials than I ever got out of one of those heavy tomes I gave up on, so long ago.

Linux Format - a monthly slick that's published in the U.K. and costs $15.99US. 
Linus User & Developer - another monthly slick from the U.K - from the same publisher as Linux Format - that costs the same, too.

Both magazines come with a DVD full of free software, Operating Systems and documentation files.

They are carried every month at Barnes & Noble and other bookstores, I'm sure.

This is the kind of stuff that I think is FUN!!



Nan Sheppard said...

Well, I am only very slightly nerdy. enough to whip out my old hd, put in a new one, reinstall my operating system, cry "aaaaahhh, it's not working!!!" and run to my neighbourhood nerd for help. Thank heaven for technical peeps! You keep buying those periodicals!