Monday Meanders

I ran across a couple of things over the weekend that made me, MAKE me, think.

First, while looking for something else, I ran across an Agatha Christie novel on the Gutenberg Project website; an Hercule Poirot called The Mysterious Affair At Styles.  I didn't think ANY of Christie's stuff was in public domain, but there it was.

Fascinated, I started to read.

I was immediately taken by the smoothness and flow of the writing - nothing was forced or artificial feeling - it was easy and pleasant to read.

I should write so well.  I wish I could write so well.

Second, while at the library yesterday, on a completely different mission, I stopped by the shelf of books for sale near the front door.  While on my way out.  I've been haunting that shelf, lately, looking for books on computers and related stuff.  I found something special - I didn't realize how special it was until I got home and started to read it.  It's a translation of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales by David Wright.

I never realized that Canterbury Tales is written in verse (because, shamefully, I'd never read it - or even tried), and in something more than 600 years after being written, the language has changed in terms of the meaning of words and the pronunciation of words, so at times the rhyming pattern gets lost in the fact and face of translation.  That said, there are enough remnants of rhyme within it to give one a strong impression of what Chaucer was after - and it's wonderful stuff.  I don't usually even TRY to sit through epic poetry - but I may have to take a shot at this one.

Depth.  Majesty.  Ease.  Flow.  - Things I need to make my writing better.



Tara R. said...

Christy is one of my favorite writers too, and Hercule Poirot my favorite of her characters.

I had to read the Canterbury Tales in high school. Our teacher even read part of it to us in Old English. The language is so very different.

Big Mark 243 said...

Sometimes reading classics like "Tales" will increase writer's envy... but I get envious reading YOUR writing as well..!