Rackin' 'em up

This is post number 1920.

Just think.  If I hadn't taken the first two weekends of February off, that number would be 1924.


Anyway ... in a stretch of credulity, scientists want us to believe that the three space rock events in 24 hours are totally not related to one another.  Okay.

I was going to go along with the whole "unrelated" thing when all there was was the "flyby" thing and the "Russian" thing.   But then, yesterday morning I read about the fireball over San Francisco Friday night.

That's three in 24 hours.  And one of them hurt people and property - and that hasn't happened in over a hundred years.

It's time we woke up to the fact that there's nothing over our heads - nothing between us and those rocks out there but a thin sheet of air.




Tara R. said...

I guess carrying an umbrella won't help much, right?

LceeL said...

@Tara - Sure an umbrella will help. You won't see it coming.

PattiKen said...

Not to worry. It's probably some bully on another planet throwing rocks at us. If we don't fight back, they'll get bored and leave.