I'm BACK!!

It's the weekend, boys and girls, and I'm back.  Actually, it was harder to NOT blog.

What an amazing day yesterday was.  First, the asteroid we KNEW was coming was on its approach to sweet Mother Earth, due to get no closer than 17,000 miles AGL. (Above Ground Level)  And, just as all the cameras and telescopes were looking off in THAT direction, Mother Nature took a shot at Mother Earth with a left hook to Russia, sending ANOTHER meteor in to scare the crap out of Boris- who, fortunately, did NOT have his finger on the button that would have retaliated against US.

The videos of that brush with Fate are amazing.  And frightening.

That bugger exploded between 20 and 30 MILES above ground, yet when the blast wave hit the ground it blew in roofs, blew outside doors off of hinges, blew in windows, and injured about a thousand people.

I guess the lesson is this:  The next time you look up into the dark but starry sky, realize that there's nothing between you and all those asteroids out there but Space and a thin sheet of air.

On the other hand ...

Maybe what we need to do is to tell all the gang bangers out there just what kind of danger they're in - shit falling from the sky and stuff - and if they spend more time looking UP, so they can DUCK, maybe they won't have time to target each other.



PattiKen said...

Sounds like a plan...

Big Mark 243 said...

... not that it would make much difference to the "real gangbangers"... like the Koch Brothers, et. al... they don't get that the worse that they make it for Mother Earth the more the Universe gets upset with us... tonight, the stars REVOLT..!