Monday Meanders

I watched an interesting docudrama on National Geographic Channel last night, narrated by Tom Hanks, concerning the conspiracy surrounding the assassination of President Lincoln.  Although as a longtime Civil War buff, I knew most of what was presented in it, but I had never seen it put into timeline fashion before - and it was intriguing.

I had no idea, for example, that Lincoln had a hole shot through his hat while on an early morning ride, by a sniper, just a few days before he was killed by Booth.  It seems there were many people whose thoughts ran along the same lines as Booth & Company.

I find it VERY frustrating that here is no one to talk to, from Google, when there are intractable technical issues to deal with.  The issues are not mine but someone who has come to trust me with responsibility for IT operations in her small business.  Which makes it worse.

This time of year is when the urge to get out and play golf becomes almost unbearable.  It's cold - too cold to play - but outside, in the sun, I can feel its warmth on my face and I know the time is not far off when there will be warm days spent in pursuit of the little white ball and holes in the ground.  It's just the waiting - and the desire to feel the club in my hand.

I've started working on a portrait of my father-in-law.  From a photo I took not long before he died.

It's hard.



PattiKen said...

It's good to hear that you are painting. I hope you'll share the finished work with us.

Tara R. said...

I hope you share your painting with us too.

Collette Palmer said...

Lou, I don't golf, but I know the feeling. I'm just a warm weather person stuck in Michigan. The sun, when it shows its face, really is incredibly warm even in February. Soon, my friend, soon!

Big Mark 243 said...

... your issue with Google and its accompanying feeling since you are acting on your friend's behalf call to my mind how I feel training a couple of cats to box at the fitness center... I want to be sure to show them something so that they can rely upon their skills...