That was Fun!!

This morning, as LM(Love Muffin) and I left the house to join my #2 Son and his wife, Bitsy, for breakfast, we were unaware of the conditions that existed outside.  Ice.

Ice everywhere.  It seems there must have been some misting as the temperature sank below freezing last night and this morning everything in and on the landscape was coated with a layer of ice.  Cars, windshields (I could have used a hammer and chisel) and, unexpectedly, the metal ramp we had put in in order to facilitate Grannie's ingress and egress to and from the house.

I stepped onto the ramp - because the end of the ramp was right at the driver's side door of LM(Love Muffin)'s car, and that's what we were taking.

I don't know WHERE I suddenly found reflexes and balance, but there I was and there I went, all the way down 15 feet of sloped ramp and across the four feet of artificial sidewalk at the end of the ramp, into the grass.

Man.  The was GREAT!!

I went back up onto the porch and did it again - only this time I did keep my hands on the ice covered hand rails, just to make sure.  But it was still GREAT!!

LM(Love Muffin), on the other hand, was not amused with the second run.

Apparently, there are supposed to be restraints on fun.  Poo.



Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

I am giggling at the thought of you doing it a second time. :)

Tara R. said...

If anything calls for a corroborating video, that second run would be it. The mental picture I have would be hard to top though. Glad you didn't bust your arse.