Although it's difficult to define "Democrat" in precise terms, it's simple to say Democrats are, in nature, Liberal.  Naturally, there are Dems which are Conservative in some of their thinking, just as there are Republicans who are Liberal in some of their thought and attitude.

It would be simple to define what it means to be a Democrat by comparison with the stated policies and postures of Republicans, but that would seem to be an incomplete and misleading definition.

Democrats, as Liberals, believe in individual freedom, controlled markets, minimum wage and care of the poor and unfortunate by the State.  They believe abortion should be legal, thereby preserving choice, and things like prayer in school, graduated taxes and minimizing the military.

Democrats believe in individual freedom, but not to the point where one is totally "on their own"; they believe, then, in spending the common wealth (tax revenue) for the common good.

Next week, a look at "free markets" and Capitalism - in light of Republican and Democratic thought.



PattiKen said...

Yep. That and so much more.