Monday Meanders

Although I know there are those people I know who actually like and root for the Green Bay Packers, I am not among their number and I am glad to see their collective backsides in the playoffs.  I'm just sorry the Texans could not handle the Patriots.  That would truly have made my day - only because I have a friend who is an obnoxious fan of the Patriots only because he sees them as a winning team, and all I ever hear is Tom Brady this and Wes Welker that.  Phooey.

Surprised, yesterday, to wake up to all that ice.  I slid down the ramp off the front porch like a pro.  That was a surprise.  It was not a surprise when I did it the second time.  It was FUN.  (The ramp is there since Grannie came home from Rehabilitation the last time.)

I have a Viper 5101 Remote Start device installed in my Saturn Vue.  I love when it works, but it has this tendency to change codes on its own.  So one day it works and the next day, not.  Then it becomes a process of pairing up the fobs - and if you don't do it exactly right, you don't pair up.  And the Remote Start doesn't work.  And then the operative phrase is 'phooey'.

I met up with old friends at a local Panera Bread store this last Saturday.  It reminded me, again, that the biggest sin you can commit against yourself is letting friendships fade and drift away.  We've got ours back - only because it was strong enough, to begin with, to survive 10 years of neglect.  That said, its not anything I wish to do again.  I must do more to keep my friends closer.



Collette said...

Good Morning, Lou! Phooey is a good word! I should use it in place of the choice "pardon my French" phrases that I usually do...lol! My hubby, daughter & I were just talking about having friends over the weekend. As we get older, we realize that people, not things, are so much more important. Have a spectacular week, my friend.

PattiKen said...

Be careful with those ramps, Lou. Don't let hubris take you down.

Big Mark 243 said...

I agree with PattiKen... at our age, bones are not as forgiving with falls and neither is the surrounding tissue..!

Thanks for going to Panera Bread... i love to hear about people going there... makes me hopeful that I will stumble into a "coffee klatch" that meets at the one nearby...

...what you said about friends... I am going to share that with Nebraska... and maybe I will gain a friend..!