Sunday Morning, Coming Down

Finally - a day not spent buzzing around hither, thither and yon.  I am going to put the rest of Grannie's new stuff on her ETSY site ( http://www.etsy.com/shop/grannieb1926 ), drive #3 Son up to school, but otherwise just laze about.

I so deserve a day like today.

I may even get some drawing and sketching done.  I have an idea for a project in oils and I need to  begin by doing some preliminaries in colored pencil.  We'll see.

I had hoped the Vikings would prevail against the hated Packers, last night, but the Vikings without Ponder were as ineffective as the Bears were, last year, without Cutler.

Yes.  One player CAN make that much difference.  Apparently.

I hope your Sunday is as good as mine.  :)



Tara R. said...

Lazy Sundays are precious. Hope yours is good for you.

Jientje said...

Oh yes. Mine was. At least I think it was?

Big Mark 243 said...

Man... you must REALLY not like the Vikings... why? Bud Grant was not only a great football coach but a very accomplished NBA player as well..! Ahmad Rashad, Sammy White, Chuck Foreman, Carl Eller, Alan Page and Fran Tarkenton... what was not to like..? :0)