Monday Meanders

Tonight my other favorite college team goes head to head with a southern juggernaut - Notre Dame will play Alabama.  If ND wins, they'll be National Champs.  As someone said - college football is so much more interesting when Notre Dame counts.  So far, I'm 1 and 1.  NIU lost to Florida State in their Bowl game - Northwestern beat Mississippi State. 

Watch out for Seattle.  I predicted their win, yesterday, but I have to say I was just a bit nervous after the first quarter of the game.  But by halftime it was clear that the Seahawks were on their game and there was less reason to worry.  Seattle can beat any team out there - they could well be in the Superbowl.

And now for something completely different ...

I'm thinking of changing my name to Diogenes.  I am SO disappointed in those people we elect to public office.  I am so disappointed in the way the process has become the result of purchase. I am so disappointed in the pervasive corruption that exists at all levels of Government.  Like Diogenes, I feel like I will never find my "Honest Man".

I look at the circus that replacing Jesse Jackson, Jr. has become and I wonder why so many are so anxious to replace him INSTEAD of rejoicing in the number of people willing to offer themselves up to serve the people.  Because I KNOW in my bones that the only people they are truly interested in serving are themselves.

On that disappointing tirade, I leave you with a wish for a pleasant week.



Big Mark 243 said...

The mess over the Jesse Jackson, Jr. seat has been sad. It makes me think of how lousy the politics are back in the Motor, but that would be an insult to Chicago, in that Detroit has NOTHING on the Windy City when it comes to political malfeasance!

I was glad that Northwestern won... one of the guest that uses our gym went to Evanston for undergrad and I got to tell him how much I admired the Wildcats, esp. since Gary Barnett... now, people are a part of the athletic program that expect to WIN and not just play...

I will miss part if not all of the game... do I want to see it badly enough to find cable..? We will see, but I am thinking the Irish is going to pull it off... there is a poise that comes with playing for the Irish that cannot be quantified... maybe it is "the echoes" of the past manifest or they just are destined to win, but I like teams that have good defenses and offenses that doesn't beat itself... yeah, mirror image team, but 'bama has more expectations and may THINK they should win...

...at ND, they KNOW they should win..!

Julie said...

I worked very hard during the Bush administration to stop wishing ill on people. It was hard to do, because Army wives really hate war. But I did it, I managed to come to a place where I didn't want bad things like heart attacks and herpes to happen to elected officials...

Yeah. That's all gone. I am having to start all over with trying to stop wishing ill on certain politicians, but it's not going well.

When did being a Congressman or Congresswoman stop being about serving the country and start being all about serving the special interests with the most money? Being all about getting re elected?