This, as most Saturday's lately, is a busy day.  And it been a busy week - even with the Monday and Tuesday Holidays.  Frankly, I think EVERY Monday and Tuesday should be holidays, following, as they do, the weekends, which are never long enough anyway.

But I digress.

I find it takes some thought and planning to do as I have said I would - examine what I see as the differences between Republican and Democrat - philosophically and in the expression of philosophy.

And I haven't had enough time to clearly formulate my thoughts.  And I must.  It's important that I not do this off the top of my head.  I would LIKE to do this as objectively as possible, but that probably won't happen - my liberal personal leanings will almost certainly bleed through - if they do, it will open me up to criticism, as to bias.

I must be clear, concise and as precise as possible, so that there is little doubt as to the reasons behind my opinions - that they are and will be, as much as possible, based on fact and a clear assessment and understanding of positions taken, policies supported, and stated goals of either Party.

So I have to put this off just a bit.  But I'll get there.