Monday Meanders

The last four days were lovely - much to do with family and home & hearth.  Much food was eaten and hugs given (and received) and just generally a lot of enjoyment of each others company.

A Happy Thanksgiving was had by all.

Watched a really good movie I had never heard of before - "The Magic of Belle Isle" - starring Morgan Freeman and Virginia Madsen.  It's cute, a little schmaltzy and overwhelmingly heart warming.  I recommend it.  It's on Netflix.

I had heartburn last night.  I wonder why.  Oh.  Yeah.  That's right - I stuffed myself like a pig.  Yesterday, we had our family get-together. And we ate like crazy.

Bears won.  Packers lost.  Bears are in 1st place in the toughest division in football.  Go Bears.  Bears got dinged pretty good, though.  5 players out during the game.  Ouch.

Bears and Patriots in the SuperBowl?  Maybe?