I didn't win Powerball.  On the other hand, neither did anyone else.

I'll get it Wednesday.

When it's cold, like last night, I sleep under three blankets ... well, two blankets and a duvet, actually.  I had to loan one of my blankets to LM(Love Muffin) and I could tell I was short one blanket.  No foolin'.  I could tell.

My blanket has been returned and I will have all of them in place tonight.

I've been experimenting with cold weather riding on the Coot Scoot.  I find that if I suit up properly I can ride at below freezing temps just fine - but I need better gloves.  I think I may, actually, wear thin cotton gloves under my Thinsulate gloves - in order to layer up and keep my fingers warm.  Because that's all that really gets cold.



Tara R. said...

You can't win powerball, because I'm going to win... so I can travel around the country visiting all my Innernetz friends.

Glad you got your blanket back, don't what you getting cold.

Emily/Randomability said...

If I have blankets on (typical for me too) and one of them is not on any part of me, I can tell too. I usually know which one is off.