Susan R.

I met her in the summer of 1976, several months after my first wife and I had split.  She was slender, brown-eyed, and she had long curly brown hair that was soft and luxuriant.  Slender as she was, she still had some interesting bumps and curves here and there, and I was crazy about her.  She was a pale skinned Italian from Italy's mountainous north, where some family names end in "ghi".

We met several times, for coffee and such, and finally, one day I kissed her.  Hard.  The problem was she had a scar on her upper lip and when we kissed - it hurt her.  A lot.  Like I said, I had kissed her hard, in a moment of enthusiasm.  Kissing is not supposed to hurt.  Ever.

Any chance at a lasting romance went bye-bye with that kiss.  I have never kissed a woman hard since.  Hugging?  Absolutely.  I'm famous for my BIG hugs.  But not kisses anymore.  First kisses are always gentle.  I learned my lesson. 

I only kiss hard upon request.



Tara R. said...

It is a smart man who learns from his life experiences.