Monday Meanders

The 1st Monday in November - the day before Election Day.  Make sure you vote.  Republican, Democrat, Independent.  Get out and vote.

Notice that I didn't mention Tea Party.

Today was one of those rare days when all three of my sons were in the house at the same time.  It was unplanned - a happy accident.  I love it when those rare things happen.

The BEARS!!!  28 points in the first quarter.  And the first 21 points were the result of scores by Special Teams, Defense and Offense.  Final?  51 - 20.  But!!  I am STILL not pleased or at ease with the Offense.  The next 4 games will tell us just how good the Bears are - or aren't.

On the other hand, Da BULLS !!!  Spanked Cleveland.  If they play the kind of defense they played in that game for the rest of the year, ain't nobody gonna beat 'em.

(You may have noticed, over time, that Chicago sports fans have a habit of referring to their favorite team as "Da *____" *enter Cubs, Bulls, Bears, or even Sox.  Charming, eh?)

I can't WAIT for Tuesday - this has been one of the most divisive and opaque elections i can ever remember.  Opaque?  Do YOU know who these SuperPACS are?  Do YOU know who has been giving them all this money to run these ads?  I don't.  And that worries me.




Big Mark 243 said...

This has been a very stressful election... I won't be glad that it is over... I will be glad when the right man for the job wins...

Tara R. said...

This was the first year my son was old enough to vote. I was very excited for him, he was sort of 'meh" about it, but at least he voted and knew why he voted the way he did.

I am so ready for this election to be over.