I don't know either

I'm not sure anyone understood yesterday's post.  But then, I'm not sure *I* understand yesterday's post.  Where did that come from and what was I going on about?

I think it must have something to do with aging - as one gets older, and can see things from a perspective that sometimes surprises, the rarity of that vision often makes it impossible to express it so anyone else can understand.

It's like ... your whole life you've been living with blinders on ... or in a fog ... and the fog is slowly lifting letting you see things as you've never seen them before ... the blinders are slowly allowing wider vision - not better or clearer, but more at once.  More perspective.  More stuff.

I always end my posts with "Ndinombethe".  It means, "As I go, I am wearing you".    Only now that means so much more to me than it might have when I 30.  Or 40.  Or 50.  Or even 60.

And I couldn't begin to make you understand why.



Big Mark 243 said...

I think that I have an inkling of the impact of the meaning... because I have you on me right now..!