Monday Meanders

Aw, well ... meandering.  I am meandering.  Me and LM(Love Muffin).  We're in Rhode Island and it's very nice.  In fact, Providence, where we are, reminds me very much of being in England, except we can drive on the proper side of the road.  There's a little 'business district' not far from where we are that very much reminds me of Tintagel, which is in Cornwall.

Yesterday we drove to Newport, R.I.  I can't believe that those mansions we saw belong to people that have that much money.  That said, It's amazing there.

We also went to Jamestown, R.I. and visited the third oldest lighthouse in the United States.  I have pictures.  We also visited the Aquarium on the site of the lighthouse - the Aquarium consists of 4 small glass fish tanks and 1 larger fiberglass tank that they house the Horseshoe Crab in.  heh.

We found an old Windmill in Jamestown - first built in 1787.  I climbed up the inside to the top - LM(Love Muffin) has pictures.  The stairs going up were SO steep that the only way to safely descend was backwards - like a ladder.  And they were narrow.  I have pictures and they will be forthcoming.

We had lunch in a restaurant that borders the International Museum of Tennis in Newport.  i have pictures of the grass court - it seems strangely Medieval - but you'll see when I put up the pictures.  :)

We had a most pleasant Sunday - though the weather was a bit chilly and damp.  We did not, however, melt or freeze.



barbara said...

sooooooooooooo - do you have pictures?


Tara R. said...

Can't wait to see the photos from this trip. Lighthouses and Windmills... sounds lovely.