Apparently, PVD is the airport designation for Providence, RI.  That's where we are and will be until we fly home Wednesday night.

We are here to see Linda and Paul Fabsits (pictured somewhat primitively by my Smartphone, below) - she of the blog (now offline) Random Memorandum and of the "nom d' plume" Employee No. 3669. We met several years ago and we have remained friends ever since.
Linda & Paul with us at Hemenway's
Sorry, you can't see US - we're across the table.

Last night Providence held an event that happens occasionally through the Summer months and, apparently, if they can find a sponsor, through to the end of September.  It's called Riverfire, and you can Google it.  Anyway, we went last night, and it was amazing.  I really like the way they do some things in Rhode Island.

What you see above is a snap I took with my Smartphone - but I have a whole bunch of stuff in my 60D that I shot and will publish after we get home and I have time to go through my shots.

PVD is a picturesque place. Camera is going to get a workout.



Tara R. said...

I hope you all have a wonderful visit.

PattiKen said...

Sorry about the rain. You'd have loved King Richard's Faire, and Lisa would have gotten into the fun of it with great costumes. Glad you got to see the river burn, though.