Monday Meanders

14 miles at about 6 minutes a mile.  That was yesterday's ride down the I&M Canal Towpath.  7 miles out and 7 miles back.

I have bike shorts now.  My butt feels GOOD.

I was struck by the lack of diversity seen on the floor of the Republican Convention - struck, too, by diversity I DID see at the Democratic Convention.  Is there really a question about this upcoming election?

Yesterday, while riding the towpath, I saw beaver, a porcupine, a doe and her fawn, and numerous long-legged, long necked birds.  I don't know if they were cranes or egrets.  The wildlife is typically on the OTHER side of the canal, well away from the human traffic on the towpath and very isolated.  It's secluded and the wildlife lives relatively undisturbed.  I really rather enjoy the environment.

I can't get started on any Art projects until we get the Family Room conversion done - that ought to be sometime this week.  I hope so.  I want to paint.  And draw.  And do watercolors.




Big Mark 243 said...

That seems like a good ride... and I look forward to hearing and maybe seeing what your creative mind comes up with!!

Tara R. said...

With all that bike riding, you're going to have buns of steel.