Who am I?

Warning:  Political Stuff.

I am Lazy, dependent on Government, I believe I am entitled to Healthcare, and I don't pay any taxes.

According to Mr. Romney.

Oh.  And he doesn't care about me.  He says there is no way he can reach me.  He has written me off.

It's probably good that he has - although not for the reasons he imagines.

I am not going to defend myself - doing so only legitimizes his thought process.

Those of you who have read me, know me.  Who and what I am.  If you agree with him, about me, then he deserves your vote.  I hope, however, you don't agree that I am that kind of person.



PattiKen said...

Yeah, huh? Here's a little limerick (written for Mad Kane's Limerick-Off) for you and Mr. I-Am-Better-Than-You Romney:

A fellow is trying his hand
To dupe everyone in the land.
“Good thing they’re not smart;
They’d tear me apart.
My platform is built on quicksand.”

Those “dumb” people will soon have their say:
Arrogance and lying don’t pay.
They’ll go cast their vote
To declare, “Mitt, make a note.
You, lead the land? No damn way!”

Julie said...

You lazy good for nothing bum...

Sheesh. This election has become parody.

The amazing thing is that we are left with a Republican party that doesn't use social issues to get votes, but actually believes, deeply truly believes, the crap they spew. scary scary.

˙·٠•●❤Sh@KiR@ ❤●•٠·˙ said...

I am really sadden with politics but again, we are very heavily subsidized in our healthcare, almost free. So I cannot complain which is one of the reasons I bring up my kids here. Besides which, our education is the same as in England but only we have the options of sending our kids to trilingual schools.Bahasa Malaysia , English and Mandarin. To me this is very beneficial.


Shannon said...

He won't be getting my vote. My parents do not pay taxes and depend on government funded health care (Medicare and the VA). They've worked hard, been good citizens, and deserve Mr. Romney's respect, and although I don't really know you yet, my guess is that you are worthy of his respect as well.