Monday Meanders

Somebody done stuck a firecracker up the Cubs' butt.  Ahhhhh.  Rizzo.

With the weather as it is (pop up thundershowers and all), riding the Coot Scoot isn't an option.  Funny thing, though.  Holiday coming, right?  I wonder how come one gas station went UP 30 cents a gallon and the other one, across the street (who usually matches up in price) stayed at the same lower price it was yesterday.  Heh.

I notice that the backlash from the SCOTUS decision which halted the court's runaway slide to the Right (thank you, Justice Roberts) seems to be quietly fading away.  It's like the Right has ADD or something and they're searching around for something else "shiny".

I know that the "young" seem to enjoy staying up all night and texting/chatting/etc. on their various forms of technology, but #3 son has been home from college about a month, now, and I think I've seen him come out of his room three times.  Of course, I'm not home during the day, but when I DO come home, Grannie asks me where he is because she hasn't seen him - and of course, he's in his room.

Personally, I think one of the best applications of Thought to Need was the invention of the Keurig and similar systems.  Personal one cup coffee systems are revolutionizing coffee consumption for those of us at home, and those of us at the office who want choices beyond the horrible stuff in the vending machine.  Give me my Keurig Caribou cups anyday.

So far as I know, those whom I have come to know, who live in The West, are safe and sound.  They live in an area of the world which has been going through the process of desertification for millions of years.  As the Pacific Plate slides under the North American Plate, it's causing an uplift to the Western edge of the North American Continent, giving rise to the Rocky Mountains, which have cut off the Western Plains from the moist winds that once greened the whole continent.  Thus, where once there were lush forests and large animals like mammoths and camels and horses, there is now Death Valley, and petrified forests.  And wildfires.

Be safe, y'all.



Julie said...

Thor has pals in Alaska, so it's really easy for him to stay up all night playing video games with them...so it's the same thing with him as with your son.

Water should cost way way way way more in the desert southwest. A reasonable amount for water that a normal family would use, and then start hammering those that use excessive water, like golf courses and businesses that have big lawns out front. It's a desert. If they are going to build golf courses, they should reflect the desert they are in, not trying to recreate Scotland.

Our Keurig broke. We lasted two days before we got another one.

Big Mark 243 said...

Thought to need... that is EXACTLY why I have chosen NOT to make the purchase of a single-cup coffee maker. That is an expense that I cannot afford despite the desire to have an occasion cup of joe.

Your description of what is happening out west almost give credence to the climate change deniers... I understand the difference between the addition of man-made factors that contribute to the problem, but what is happening out west IS a matter of the Earth claiming what is its right, nothing more and nothing less.

We've no more power to change the wildfires that the moth has against the flame...

Oh, Grannie gotta love Tiger's win. I think I am hearing knee-knocking in the PGA top tier. The last roll Tiger was on, it seemed like he going to go on forever. And THAT was while he had the burden of a secret life. Without such shackles, how long do you expect him to keep rolling this time?

Tara R. said...

My son can sleep until 1-2 pm, and during the school year, leaves soon after waking for class that starts at 3.

During the summer, it's not much different. I seldom see him too.