What did they do?

I remember being a little boy and laying in bed at night, sweating my butt off.  We had no air conditioning in our house, and my small bedroom had no fan, either.  I did have a small window screen that sat in the window and you closed the window down on top of the screen, but it never seemed that very much air came in through that window screen - the fact that my window faced west notwithstanding.  The West, after all, was where weather (and breezes) came from.

I can remember how hot it was.

The thing I've always wondered, is how the heck they dealt with the heat 200 and some years ago, when they didn't even have fans? 

Those had to be some stinky Revolutionaries. 

And uncomfortable.

I wonder if they would have revolted had they had air conditioning and cold beer.

Happy 4th of July.



Anonymous said...

We're still back in the dark ages 'round these parts. Brown house, 100+ degree temps, and no a/c. In our defense, Colorado rarely gets this warm. And our 100+ degree days are nothing compared to the humid states.
Alas, we've been BLESSED with THREE days of rain!! Wooooo!
Colorado has some wicked bad ass raindancers.