I Do NOT Understand

He cannot possibly be sane.

I don't care how much planning he did beforehand - he cannot possibly be sane.

Otherwise, I am absolutely scared to death.  How do you go to a movie or a ball game or anywhere where people congregate in any number?  How do you identify the next shooter?  Where is he going to strike?

The only hope we have is that the young man from Colorado is insane.  He HAS to be insane.  If those were the actions of a properly thinking mind, then we are all in trouble.

Please, dear God, let him be insane.



Eric S. said...

I agree. SCARY!

The news said he graduated top of his class with a BA in neuroscience from California. He was enrolled in a doctoral program in Colorado. Even worked a summer for a youth camp for troubled kids in California.

It just makes no sense!!!!

˙·٠•●❤Sh@KiR@ ❤●•٠·˙ said...

So wonderfully written about such a sad incident. Just the other day, I was suppose to see the show too with my daughters.

I suppose one of the reason I do not like about the USA are stuffs like this. In Malaysia, THANK GOD, we do not simply give gun permits it is so hard to get one legally.

I think people like that will have their valid and SOUND reasoning which may be described as INSANE to us but you know what, to them , it is the TRUTH as they see it...and they will do it again and again as there is NO OTHER TRUTH.

A very long time ago, as a foreign exchange students , I realized that truly in a whole of different cultures, thoughts, religions, what is RIGHT for someone maybe WRONG to the other. Hence , right or wrong, the person is RIGHT. You get me?

It is a very sad world we live in now.

Stay blessed.


Grandmother said...

It remains to be seen but If he is, he gives the mentally ill a bad name they don't deserve since their level of violence is actually less than the the population as a whole despite how they are portrayed by the media. Not all criminals are insane.

Tara R. said...

I can't imagine that anyone who could be this intentional cruel could be in their right mind. I do believe that there is true evil in this world, this young man easily could be just pure evil.

Big Mark 243 said...

I worry that they will simply find a reason to declare him mentally incompetent and allow discussion on the things that could have possibly prevented this, sensible gun laws and a better mental health care system, to come near the forefront of what ails our society and social system.