Monday Meanders

During cleaning, over this past weekend, among other treasures, I found a book I hadn't seen in many years: "Currier & Ives, Printmakers to the American People" by Harry T. Peters.  It's a 1st edition, published in 1942.  I even have the dustjacket.  It is a really, really neat book.

Da Cubs lost three straight to St. Louis.  If nothing else, this little losing streak will server to bring us Cubs' fans back to a measure of reality - many were willing to throw the "Plan" to the wind - the whole rebuild from the ground up - going to take several years "Plan" - in the face of a club that played really good baseball for about a month.  Theo and Jed are going to stick to the plan - this happened at just the right time - before the fan base rose up in mutiny.

I found another book I haven't seen in a while - it's a "coffee table" book called "Irish Houses & Castles" by Desmond Guinness and William Ryan.  It's a 1974 reprint of the 1971 book published by Viking Press.

I love the Yokohama tire commercial where the guy goes, "Duck ... Duck ... Goose!!"  I think it's very witty.

Grannie is very disappointed.  Tiger played poorly in the final round of The Open Championship and did NOT win.  Ernie Els DID win - known as "The Big Easy", he's a man that's earned an enormous amount of respect in and out of Golf.

I'm rather glad that Ernie won.  It's been a long time since he's won a Major - and several years where he's not had a lot of success on The Tour.

All things come to he who waits.



Grandmother said...

I'm with you in cheering for Ernie! Happy Monday.

Big Mark 243 said...

Ernie has had some tough luck. It was good to see him play well. Tiger is getting there... right now, he is your average top ten golfer... I think he has another big Hall-of-Fame run in him where everyone is scared of him... but it just isn't here yet.

Why would Theo change his plan? He IS the one who has won World Series doing it the way that he does, right? Another case of seeing the potential and people getting super excited... the Cubs are going to be contenders, just not this season...