A tinge of green

The rains came yesterday.  Finally.

Now the lawn, once brown and crunchy, is still crunchy but it has this faint tinge of green, as though the color is hesitant to return - not trusting the rain to have been anything other than a tease.

In fact, I think it WAS a tease and that damn grass is smart.

Two weeks from yesterday we leave for a week in Daytona - down on the beach.  We've done this in the past - 13 or 14 years ago we spent a week in July in New Smyrna, also down on the beach.  "On the beach" is where you want to be in the Summer, if you're in Florida.  As soon as it starts getting warm, inland, the breeze comes in from the ocean and keeps it very pleasant along the shoreline.

I think I will set up a number of posts to cover the time of our trip - which I will feel free to "bump" if I have something interesting to recount or a really good photo to publish.  We'll see.

Have a happy weekend.



PurpleMoose said...

pre-planned posts are okay :) But do try to enjoy yourselves instead of worrying about us. :) We'll enjoy pictures when you get back maybe.

Tara R. said...

Seriously... enjoy your vacation and LM. We'll be here when you get back.