Warm enough?

Or are you sitting on that block of ice because of some strange perversion or other?  Riding home from work today, on the Coot Scoot, I had to hang on for dear life.  A 30mph quartering headwind threatened to blow me off my scoot.  I love the heat - but these 9 days over 90 degrees we've had, already, seem to be accompanied by very high winds.

This is August weather.  And it's only June.

It's going to be a long, hot Summer.



Julie said...

My poor trees are all windburned, and I am afraid I am gonna find out how many times flowers can wilt before they finally die...

Yesterday I gave up righting my chairs and rug on the deck, because every time I picked em up, twenty minutes later they were blown over again.

Long long hot hot summer. blegh.