Monday Meanders

The "Coot Scoot" is running well and earning its keep.  I'm saving at least $30.00 a week in expenses by riding the scoot.  Sometimes a little more - other times a bit less.  But, about ....

Next week, LM(Love Muffin) is going to see her sister in Missouri.  I'll be a BACHELOR for the week.  Try not to pay any attention to me next Thursday through Saturday - I'm just sayin'.

My stomach has been bothering me a bit - thank goodness for Pepto-Bismol.

Queen Elizabeth, when young, was a FOX!!

Speaking of things British - there is little that is more impressive than Redcoats in Slow March.  The step is unusual and psychologically intimidating.  If there's one thing the Redcoats have always known how to do, it's intimidate.

Cubs won this evening - 6 to 1 over the (hated) Mets.  All we need to do now is win the next 25 in a row and we'll be back to .500!!!



Lora said...

when I leave the house for more than a few hours, my son says that I'm letting him and my husband "off leash".

Have fun being off leash for a little while! And be sure you don't eat anything to further upset that tummy!