LM(Love Muffin) has spent much of the last few years rendering childcare for my best friend.  And she cooked and cleaned and just generally was a Caregiver to two little boys whose mother had left.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, we who live here have been pretty much left to our own devices - although many times LM would wind up cooking for both houses.

Today, however, given that recent events have her much closer to home these days, today she made tacos.  Real tacos - with tomatoes and onions and soft corn tortilla shells and sour cream.  Yum.

I ate too much.  I am FULL.

And I am glad to have my girl here at home.



Big Mark 243 said...

Because I can think of no better way to describe LM, I think that "sainted" would best describe her!!

And the next time it is "Taco Night" at "Hacienda LouCeel", give me a call!!

Grandmother said...

Me? I'm cheering for LM for her generous service which must have felt like a life preserver for your friend's family. Bless her.